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"7 figure per year club here we come!! 🚀🚀🚀"

"We did our biggest month, we brought in over $85,000 of revenue. Gonna be a massive year!"

"We're so busy bro. Classes are packed. I've added another staff member and in the process of adding another one on too.

Coaches are earning good commisions and bonuses for delivering a high-quality & tailored transformational experience, 90% are enrolling into an ongoing membership after the 6 week program.

Referrals are coming in fast, our brand is really getting out there and we've even had to increase our class cap to 30 (from 23) to cater to the numbers. Our 5am class has a waiting list too. Can't thank you enough enough bro!! 🙏🏾 12 months ago things weren't looking too good. 12 months later, we're hitting record numbers and are growing faster than ever. Such a huge turnaround. I'm so glad we got on that call and you helped get me over the line to join your program. I could hear the conviction in your voice and I knew I had to take that chance with you bro! Super grateful."

Caleb Ormsby
Owner of 6 Pack Bootcamp


"I signed up 35 people, generating $27,000 USD in just one month, with no ad spend."

Jonathan Smith
Owner of Big Barn CrossFit


"Over the last 6 years working with Remi, when we turn the ads on, we consistently get 30 to 40 new clients a month. It is long term, it is sustainable. It’s not one of those things where we’re just giving out free stuff and people are coming in one day and not staying on. I have a really high closing rate, it’s at 90%."

Martin Hickey
Owner of Fusion Training Centre


"We are at capacity thanks to you."

Nikki & Mac
Owners of Rx Fitness 235


"Before teaming up with Remi, I was stuck in a cycle of endless content marketing for Fikaa Gym with poor results. In just two months working with Remi, I gained 150 new members - a $212,000 value. If you're feeling stuck like I was, Remi's system is the breakthrough you need."

Ayden Kelly
General Manager at Fikaa Gym


"Before I found Remi, I was working 70-hour weeks at my two CrossFit gyms, with hardly any time for my family. Remi helped me bring in a consistent 50+ new members a month at $1,200 a pop. Now, I work just 15 hours a week, have doubled my revenue, and spend quality time with my family. I'm making a bigger impact in my community. If you're stuck like I was - Remi's system works."

Anthony Ebery
Owner of PerFit Health & Wellness


"Before I met Remi, my business, Fusion Health Club, was struggling to attract and retain members, and my advertising was just losing money. Remi showed me how to sell life transformation, not just fitness. The result? An extra $10,000 in my first month alone and a maxed-out facility - no advertising required. My retention rates and reputation have never been higher. If you're in a rut like I was, Remi's approach is a game-changer."

Dally Nijjar
Owner of Fusion Health Club


"Remi is a fitness marketer that goes beyond just setting up ads, funnels and sales systems. He also helps gym owners with their mindset, identity and creating a lifestyle that ensures more profit and - much more important - more freedom!"

Willem Hilberdink
Owner of UnScared Fitness


"Remi is the only guru who is NOT full of shit!"

Tye Arnett
Owner of VIVE Group


"Really starting to see the bigger picture and start valuing the gym as not just a cool place with cool equipment. Obviously good quality coaching, but also the community and the culture is the best part about the gym. Not only did it open my mindset up, it’s allowed me to then help and really focus on all the members here."

Josh Eisentrager
Owner of Crossfit The Shack

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